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About us

Welcome to GVO Rechten. Here you can buy and sell Guarantees of Origin (GOs, or GvO's in Dutch) for renewable energy.

Our website serves as a marketplace where you can offer Guarantees of Origin for sale. Currently, we focus on GOs for renewable gas, but our platform is designed to include various other types of Guarentees of Origin in the future.

We provide the first public marketplace specializing in GOs for renewable gas, bringing transparency to an otherwise opaque market.

How it works:

  • Seller: Sellers can create advertisements for their renewable gas GOs, providing contact details and pricing information.
  • Buyer: Buyers can explore listings, compare offers, and connect directly with sellers to negotiate and finalize transactions.

Whether you are a seller looking to sell your GOs, a buyer interested in providing green gas to your customers, or simply someone interested in the current market value of GOs, GVORechten is the place for you. Join us in creating a sustainable future by making renewable energy transactions accessible and transparent.

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