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What are GOs?

Guarantees of Origin (GOs), or Garanties van Oorsprong (GvO's) in Dutch, are energy certificates defined by the European Union. A GO certifies that energy was generated in a renewable way. These certificates are issued for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity or each equivalent volume of gas produced from renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass, or hydro power.

GOs serve as a mechanism to track and verify the renewable energy generation and consumption within the European Union. They are awarded to producers of renewable energy, and can be sold and bought separately from the energy itself. They play a crucial role in promoting renewable energy production and consumption by providing transparency and accountability in energy markets.

In many countries, GOs are also used to fulfill renewable energy targets and obligations set by governments or regulatory bodies. By trading GOs, renewable energy producers can monetize the environmental benefits of their energy production, while energy consumers can demonstrate their commitment to using renewable energy.

Each GO is registered at a member of the European Association of Issuing Bodies. In the Netherlands, this organisation is VertiCer B.V.

Renewable gas

Currently, only GOs for renewable gas can be sold at GVORechten.nl. In the future we might also support other types of GOs.